Relationships Matter

Moreland Insurance is a joint venture between seven of the largest Windermere companies in the network and Dickinson Insurance.  Like Windermere, Dickinson is a family-owned business which values entrepreneurship and relationships and has been in business for over 35 years.

We have worked closely with Moreland to develop a suite of relevant products and to make sure our values closely align.  This wasn’t too much of a challenge, since Moreland steers clear of high pressure sales and aims to avoid selling people products they don’t need.  

Family Owned

Competitive pricing


No high pressure sales


Honest, accurate, professional advice


Commendable client experiences

All of our boxes: checked. (Yours too?)

♦  We won’t contact your people without your permission.

♦  We won’t sell you or your client something you don’t need.

♦  We will either lower the cost of insurance you already have or improve your coverage for the same cost.

♦  If we can’t do either of those two things, we’ll tell you to stay where you are.

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