Tools and Technology

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How do you become the realtor of choice?

You focus on relationships.

The secret is to engage with your sphere of influence.

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The most successful brokers - the ones who reign supreme in top tier neighborhoods, give real estate professionals a good name, are in it for the long haul, and have more business than they know what to do with - are often simply doing one or two things consistently well over time.

How do you close 40% more transactions? Innovation.

At Windermere Realty Trust, we create and maintain an environment for brokers to be successful.

We are committed to exploring, vetting, and crafting easy-to-use tools to help our people attract more business.

How do you create a sustainable business that will thrive in every market?


Focus on the vital few.

Ask any top Windermere broker and they'll say the same thing: Your next transaction is embedded in your current transaction.

60% of real estate agents don't have a database.*

The 40% who do benefit from 251% more business.

*Source: Real Trends, February 2017 Newsletter, "Success Leaves Clues," by Larry Kendall, Chairman of The Group, Inc.