Business Support Services

Provided to Windermere Brokers


♦  Prepare buyer/seller consultation packages and templates for future use

♦  Develop custom pages for unparalleled presentations

♦  Streamline the comparative market analysis creation process

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♦  Produce personalized, easily replicable real estate reviews

♦  Design custom flyers and brochures using Publisher, CustomXpress, and Bear Printing

♦  Create and edit pre-listing photo galleries

♦  Syndicate non-commodity photo galleries to Windermere.com and partner sites such as Zillow and LeadingRE

♦  Generate unique URL property pages for featured listings

♦  Coordinate optimal property ad placement in local, high profile print magazines

♦  Create “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” postcards

♦  Curate content for social media

♦  Circulate quarterly economic reports, local market updates, and neighborhood-specific news for agent use

♦  Run and embed TrendGraphix reports as requested

♦  Manage target lists for branded monthly market update emails and branded print newsletter

♦  Create customized groups for automated marketing


♦  Provide timely and effective IT support on both PCs and Macs

♦  Install printer drives

♦  Troubleshoot printer, scanner, copier, wireless connectivity, and email issues as they crop up

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♦  Add Office 365 to Apple, Android, and other mobile devices

♦  Coordinate communications with Windermere Tech Support

♦  Initiate outreach to outside vendors when necessary


Transaction Management

♦  Set up custom task lists for buyer and seller transactions

♦  Create transaction memos, timelines, and cover sheets

♦  Help submit and track all necessary documentation for file compliance

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♦  Input listings into RMLS and perform status adjustments as requested

♦  Link ZipForm to DocuSign, MLS Connect, and ESign

♦  Create ZipForm templates

♦  Monitor compliance checklists to help ensure agents are paid on time

♦  Coordinate courier service for earnest money checks

The Little Things

♦  Greet all clients with professionalism and warmth

♦  Create custom labels and prepare direct mail campaigns for distribution

♦  Integrate database and calendar to improve efficiency

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♦  Transfer client calls as directed

♦  Reserve private rooms for meetings

♦  Assist with conference room technology

♦  Input listing tour information

♦  Order signs, posts, and other marketing material

♦  Update mailing and email lists by adding new prospects and making address changes as needed

♦  Merge and/or remove duplicates from existing contact sphere

♦  Sync appointments and events from any number of devices to a single calendar

♦  Arrange in-office, for-credit continuing education opportunities

♦  Issue and upload continuing education certificates

♦  Plan and promote community events

♦  Help coordinate client and vendor appreciation events

♦  Offer easy access to year-over-year GCI data and commission split breakdowns

♦  Exercise confidentiality with high profile clientele

♦  Offer routine organizational assistance

♦  Manage usernames and passwords for various logins

♦  Research and relay answers to miscellaneous questions

♦  Prioritize income-generating activities and projects

♦  Uphold office look and feel throughout the day

Teaching and Training

♦  Introduce paperless transaction management system and process

♦  Introduce fully customizable agent website tool

♦  Host small group classes tailored to meet agent wants/needs

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♦  Introduce proprietary productivity system

♦  Introduce desktop and tablet buyer/seller presentation tool

♦  Create dynamic agent website homepage

♦  Add agent-specific widgets and modules to 50+ ready-made WordPress templates

♦  Build a custom page for client testimonials

♦  Link Zillow reviews to agent website

♦  Optimize agent website for search engine indexing

♦  Install Google Analytics and share meta tag tips and tricks

♦  Disseminate relevant and timely how-to materials (MailChimp for Real Estate, Facebook for Business, etc.)