Servant Leadership in Real Estate

While studying in graduate school, I was exposed to a lot of leadership and management theories.  The one that really struck a chord with me is Servant Leadership.  There are ten hallmarks of servant leadership and, not surprisingly, as I write about them, it sounds as if I'm describing a great Windermere Real Estate broker:

  1. Listening – listening to clients is not just as an act, but an attitude and a state of being with an air of acceptance and understanding.
  2. Empathy – being empathetic to our clients is critical – understanding the emotional impact of a real estate transaction, seeking to understand fears, hopes, dreams, pleasure and pain.
  3. Healing – being focused on the well-being of our clients and our communities.
  4. Awareness – having our eyes wide open and maintaining clarity helps to crystallize approaches based on ethics and integrity.
  5. Persuasion – building consensus and finding win-win solutions wherever possible.
  6. Conceptualization – conceptualize by articulating a shared vision, thinking beyond day-to-day realities and instead focusing on the future.
  7. Foresight – combines experience with conceptualization to predict outcomes to issues and problems.  When we better understand potential outcomes, it becomes easier to craft solutions.
  8. Stewardship – being prudent stewards of our clients' resources, having high professionalism and integrity standards.
  9. Commitment – being committed to our clients and their needs is a top priority.
  10. Building Community – it's what we do every day with every client, every transaction.


To practice servant leadership you must focus on being.  Be authentic – you’ll have greater credibility.  Be vulnerable – you’ll be more approachable.  Be accepting – people will understand that you care.  Be present – people will feel your warmth and attention.  And be useful – take action…action of listening, action of caring, action of fostering growth. It is, after all, through people and their growth that all goals become possible.

We have more than just an opportunity to serve.  We have an obligation.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Posted on August 9, 2012 at 5:43 pm
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